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73 Responses to “Contact”

  • Michael on April 4, 2013

    Great tools!

    Hi …. I am new to this and need to pick your brain as what I need to do
    to get started in my router table soft ware etc…….

    I am building speakers and need this to prototype with. I started 3 years ago working on center channel that would give me a 15 foot sound stage
    and surrounds also. Well after hundreds of hours in research to find the right drivers I am at the building stage of cabinets….. the jig saw and router is very time consuming and little changes are labor intensive. Will be working with 3/4 to 1 ” MDF and later alu plate 1/4 to 3/8″.

    I can give you my number is that is a option…



  • feridon on June 6, 2014

    i need controller mach 3 but need Ethernet (lan) port
    u can help me ?

    • Bill Griggs on June 6, 2014


      I can help you. You will need a license of Mach3 software. You can get a copy here.. You will also need a motion control device like the Ethernet Smoothstepper. You can get one of those here.


  • Bill Griggs on June 11, 2014


    The Big Tex Screenset is now a paid add on. The author changed this to help pay for further development. There are several other screensets which will work with The Triple Edge Finder. Here are two that work well. Mach3 2010 screenset,
    Calyspo Ventures MachSTDMILL.

  • Beverly on July 7, 2014

    Hi Bill – A friend suggested I contact you about some CNC design sampling I need. Basically, I’m trying to find a way to carve out some detailed design lettering and/or graphic elements on the bed frames for our pet bed designs…I can supply art files…I usually work in Adobe Illustrator…if you want to check out, here’s the website…www.

    I checked out your videos – the eagle was pretty incredible – Would you be willing/able to talk with me about some options?

    Thanks! Bev

    • Bill Griggs on July 7, 2014

      Sure Bev.

      Nice talking to you today.


  • Marc Nicoloudis on September 21, 2014

    Hi Bill,
    I am ordering a new machine with a handheld DSP Controller. Any ideas as to how one would go about 3 axis Z’ing with this setup? If you need more clarification, I can give you more information as I understand it. Thanks, Marc

    • Bill Griggs on September 21, 2014

      I will need more information Marc. Are you using Mach3 for your control software or something else?

  • Henri on November 12, 2014

    I went all through your site (i think), and I see nowhere that there is a discussion addressing the use of the edgefinder. I want to know how it works & how to put it into use. I use screen2010. The edgefinder might be something I’d be interested in, but I need to know to put it into use before I plunk down any $$$.

    • Bill Griggs on November 14, 2014


      Thanks for the question. I will put up some more information about how the edge finder is used. I know of several user who are using the 2010 screenset successfully with the Triple Edge Finder. I will ask if one of them will post something. In the meantime, perhaps I could answer any questions you have directly? Here is a video about using tapered bits. Also here is one with the general use.


  • Angela on November 20, 2014

    Using your supplier do you know the cost to build a 4×4 machine?? Also you had talked about an aluminum one. Do you have plans for it? I have access to lasers to cut aluminum or steel parts. Thanks.

    • Bill Griggs on November 20, 2014


      I will reply directly to your email address.


  • Dave on December 3, 2014


    Does your edge finder only work with Mach 3 control software? I have a large industrial Techno Isel router that uses proprietary windows based control software. It automates the Z axis zero process but nothing else. I like what you have done but not sure I can use it without a full tilt Mach 3 conversion for a servo powered machine.

    I am thinking about using one of the electronic depth setters that light up and place it on edge next to the work piece, like you do, and jog the X and Y axis to zero them out then jog 1/2 the bit diameter on both axis and re-zero to finally get the X and Y zero location… like using a wobbler.

    • Bill Griggs on December 8, 2014

      The Triple Edge Finder currently only works with Mach3.

  • Jean Nantel on December 19, 2014

    Do you ship to Canada?

    Thank you

    • Bill Griggs on December 19, 2014


      Yes we ship to Canada.

  • Jim on December 28, 2014

    Love the idea of your product, but I need something that does not conduct current as I using an all metal mill that would continually show a ground with your current product. Do you have something that would work for us metal workers?

    • Bill Griggs on January 1, 2015


      I am working on something for the mill. I do not have any details yet.

  • Bob Clark on January 23, 2015

    I live in germany and would like to order with creditcard and i can´t

    • Bill Griggs on January 23, 2015


      Paypal accepts credit cards.

  • gopikrishna vama guntupalli on February 15, 2015

    Dear sir,

    I want to build a cnc router and a laser cutting macchine for wood kindly provide me the plans, since the cost of shipping is high.

  • Bob Clark on February 25, 2015

    i have become my edge finder but no software to control it. i have mach 3 with licence, i thought i would becoume the probe with addon or wizird to go with it???

    • BIll on February 25, 2015


      You will need to add a Screenset to use the probing functions. You can get one by following this link. Some of these are paid programs. I can recommend the following 3 Screensets. Mach3 2010 screenset, Mach3 Toolsetter by Big Tex and Calypso Ventures MachStd Mill.

      • Bill on February 26, 2015

        Machstdmill is free for personal use. They also have a professional version for a fee. Mach3 2010 has a free demo version and a paid version. The choice of Screensets is up to you. Also the scripts and code are available at CNCZone for free.

        If you have furher questions or want to return the product, contact me at

  • jerry on July 19, 2015

    The Makers Guide to Setting up your Work Piece
    This free report will have you setting up your CNC router
    This bonus report is how Savvy Makers set up their workpieces

    You learn how to use Hold downs clamps to secure your work
    Repeatably set your work Zero.
    Double sided cutting tips.
    Make Smoother cuts without ripples.
    More accurate parts.

    hi. i recieved the makers guide. thanks for fast shipment. i didnt reciever the bonus report as mentioned on the website referenced above… thanks…

    • Bill Griggs on October 8, 2015

      Did you get the email I sent you?

  • Ted Pepin on August 27, 2015

    I saw a reference that told of the use of the Makers Guide with a Kflop controller, but lost track of the reference. Can you point me back to the description of its implementation with the Kflop.

    Your Makers Guide will be a handy addition to a new machine that I am building.

    • Bill Griggs on August 28, 2015


      I was not aware anyone was using the Triple Edge Finder with a kflop. I did a Google search and found a video that may be helpful. Other than that, I have no information about kflop.


  • rick on September 6, 2015

    having trouble with the triple edge guide mach 3 not understanding when trying to center it moves slightly but never touches the edge and then says it is centered meaning when using the find corner option plus when i try to zero the tool mach3 goes hits it once then hits it again then extends downward pushing on the guide

    • Bill Griggs on October 8, 2015


      Have you figured out your issue yet?

    • Bill Griggs on February 14, 2016


      I have contacted BigTex about this issue, I suggest you do as well. I believe there is a line of code missing from the script compared to previous versions. If he can’t help, we can try plan B.

  • rick on September 6, 2015

    should say i am running big tex screen set

  • Don Fillenworth on September 13, 2015

    I have been following your YouTube videos. I really enjoy your channel. I am just completing building my CNC router based on the OX design at Mechanical assembly is complete, but the electrics and configuration has me stumped. I’m using a CNC Xpro controller board and I’m trying to set the Grbl parameters in the Grbl controller software. I plan eventually to use Chilipeppr controller program to operate the machine because of the ability to incorporate a ShuttleXpress by Contour Designs for jog control.

    Any chance I could give you a much more detailed email and get some guidance from you?

    Thanks in advance!

    Don Fillenworth
    Bismarck, ND

  • Michael Williams on November 28, 2015


    I’m using Mach4 and did see in emails back in 2014 that the makers guide is only supported by Mach3. Is that still the case?

    • Bill Griggs on November 28, 2015


      The latest version of Mach4 now supports probing. It should work with the Makers Guide. However, I have not tested it.


      • Michael Williams on November 30, 2015

        Thanks for the quick reply Bill. Probing is certainly there and I’ve used a conventional probe for edge finding on my mill. What I haven’t found, and maybe it’s because you created a custom screen in Mach3, is the probing feature in Mach4 that finds the X&Y centers using the cylinder that you have in the Makers guide. I’d be using the guide for my XCarve and I’d like to order one but if Mach4 doesn’t seem have that center finding feature it diminishes the value of this very cool tool.

  • Charlie Hodges on January 20, 2016

    we had trainee on our plasma table with a Mach 3 software system
    some how settings were changed and instead g-codes it comes as vertex and bad character on line zero, the program will not load part into cut software. any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Bill Griggs on February 7, 2016

      Check to make sure you are using the Mach3 Arc Inches post processor.

  • John Ellerd on January 27, 2016

    I trying to buy your touch plate but when hit the add to cart it throws me into my PayPal with no way to pay for the item?

    John Ellerd

    • Bill Griggs on March 26, 2016

      Try again please.

  • Pepe on February 14, 2016

    Does it work the triple edge finder with the controler Winpc-nc?

    • Bill Griggs on February 14, 2016


  • Dennis Headberg on February 22, 2016

    Can I still purchase the triple edge finder? It said unavailable when I tried to place an order.

    • Bill Griggs on March 1, 2016

      Dennis, The TEF is temporarily out of stock while I make more.

  • Craig McManus on March 14, 2016

    Would be so kind as to e-mail once the TEF is available.
    Thanks in advance,

    • Bill Griggs on March 26, 2016

      They are available Craig.

  • Roberto on April 1, 2016


    i want to buy your TEF but is not available.
    can you please let me know when they are available.


    • Bill Griggs on April 16, 2016

      Roberto please sign up for the backorder mailing list. I notify the list first.

  • rick hebert on May 22, 2016

    here is a video of me using your triple edge finder and you are mentioned

    • Bill Griggs on May 27, 2016

      Thanks Rick. That was really nice of you to mention the Triple Edge Finder. I shared the video with my friends.

  • Mark on October 27, 2016

    Are you still selling these? What is the lead-time?

    • Bill Griggs on November 26, 2016

      They are in stock.

  • ilker on January 7, 2017

    hi sir
    set step per unit for 4 th axis please

  • Bill Griggs on February 10, 2017

    Lee, did you receive the email I sent you?

  • Barry on April 3, 2017

    I met you at the show in Atlanta this past weekend. I am new to the cnc world, and I am ready to pursue this hobby, I want to ask your opinion about machines. Which would you buy, Gatton, Joes, or the one that
    Brian Oltrogge has made and is selling?

    Thanks in advance

    • Bill Griggs on April 16, 2017

      Hi Barry,

      All the machines you mentioned are good machines. Your selection will depend on how large you want the machine to be, How much you want to shop for parts. They are all basically kits you assemble except the Joes cnc which is a plan set with many choices that you make and then follow links to sources for parts. I built a JoesCNC and I like it. I would actually recommend any of the three machines you chose. Take your pick, you will not be disappointed.


  • Steve Tomas on August 23, 2017


    I ordered a TEG a few days ago, PayPal went through, but did not get any other confirmation. Can you confirm the order and approximate ship date?

    – Steve

    • Bill Griggs on August 27, 2017

      Yes I got it Steve. Shipping Monday (tomorrow)

  • Hans Sitte on October 8, 2017

    It’s late at night and I did not have the chance to review all of the comments. All I want/need to know is how much work is involved to use this on a Shopbot Buddy?

    • Bill Griggs on October 19, 2017

      Use what? The Triple Edge Finder?

  • David Crook on November 7, 2017

    Did you get my “comment” around the end of October? I’m just curious if you can help me with the 2 plugs/leads or if I need to hunt for another source.

    • Bill Griggs on December 2, 2017

      I responded earlier David. I can make you one. I asked how long was the distance you needed?

      • David Crook on December 3, 2017

        Evidently I missed it Bill. I will get you an accurate measurement later today and REPLY to you again.

        I’m in NO HURRY! I am doing CNC as a therapy not any type of profit center. I used to build R/C Airplanes (a lot), then I had a stroke and lost the use of my right side. I think through CNC I can once again making something and the Makers Guide will help make it easier.

        Do I need any king of Mach3 plug-in to make it work?

      • David Crook on December 4, 2017

        Bill, finally got it measured and it looks like 79″ would do but I would like to request that you go 90 inches so I have a “fudge factor”. Just let me know what it will cost if you will. I’ll order it the very first day that I’m home in January (probably the 3rd).


      • David Crook on January 8, 2018

        Hi Bill,

        I want to order one today. Previously you offered to help me out by supplying the 2 leads with the “plugs”. I started to order it on your web-store but thought I need to added something for the wires & plugs.

        Let me know the total and I’ll get the money started in your direction.

  • Les Linton on November 11, 2017

    Hi Bill,

    I’m interested in your triple edge finder because I want to be able to set up a fixture and find my 0,0,0 without problems and your product looks like it just might. I’m currently setting up Probeit to be able to scan items on my machine and have a question.

    You note that a “free or inexpensive” wizard is required for your finder. What and where can I review these and for Mach3 which would be the one you would recommend



  • Kim Chean on November 17, 2017

    Hi Bill,

    I accidentally stumble across your website and was wondering if I can
    convert my cnc router to run on Mach3.

    I have a 5×10 Chinese made cnc router with all servo motor. Running on NCstudio with and dsp hand held controller. Never could get it to work properly.

    Instead of running on a dsp controller, I want to run it on a laptop.

    Will this be difficult to do? Will it be difficult to rewire? What will I need to buy?

    Thank You!

    • Bill Griggs on December 2, 2017

      YOu can replace the DSP with a computer and Mach3. You might want a motion control card like a smoothstepper or a UC100 if you are using a modern computer without printer port. You might need a breakout board as well.

  • Michael Garis on December 5, 2017

    I see your from Western NY. Me too. I am just setting up my CNC and know I can use the Mach3 (used it at work) so I bought it from your site, but I did not receive the license key. How do I go about getting it?

    • Bill Griggs on January 3, 2018

      Mike you received your license via email on 12/06/2017. We also discussed the NY State Sales tax in a follow up email.

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